Real Wine Month Case (12 bottles)

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Real Wine Month Case (12 bottles)

For the last 9 years, May has been synonymous with Real Wine Month. A Month where all things Natural, Biodynamic and Organic are being celebrated. Last year, 109 restaurants, wine bars and wine shops took part in the celebrations across Ireland. 29 natural winegrowers from around the World came over for a one day event on May 15th 2019, Real Wine fair Ireland, visited by 300 members of the Public, Trade and Press. Organising this event was the highlight of Le Caveau's 20 years of existence.

While there will be no Real Wine Month in 2020, we have put together a case, comprising some of our very best Natural wines.

Natural wines are so much more than boxes being ticked; they are the work of totally dedicated vignerons, who have built their life around the few hectares they own, it's about them being able to let their children run freely in the vineyard and observe flowers, plants, vegetables that grow amongst the vines, spotting insects, birds and wild life; it's about drinking wine made from non-sprayed grapes, where the one and only ingredient are those grapes, and nothing else; it's about the energy, the purity of flavours, the natural balance between these amazing flavours. It's about the happiness drinking and sharing these wines generates.

Real Wine Month Case (12 bottles)

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The key to the Natural Wine World in 8 wines (1 or 2 bottles of each included in the case)

Sparkling: (1 bottle)

Angiolino Maule, La Biancara Garg'n'Go (Garganega) - Veneto, Italy

Skin Contact / Orange wine:(1 bottle)

Arianna Occhipinti SP68 Bianco, Sicily, Italy

Whites: (2 bottles each)

Frantz Saumon, Vin de France Sauvignon Blanc - Loire Valley, France

Kumpf et Meyer, y'a plus qu'a, sylvaner - Auxerrois Alsace 

Reds: (2 bottles each)

Clos Tue-Boeuf, Vin Rouge Gamay - Loire Valley France

Monte dall'Ora, Disobbediente 1 Litre (Corvinone, Molinara) - Veneto, Italy (light, drink slightly chilled)

La Stoppa, Trebbiolo (Barbera, Bonarda) - Emilia-Romagna, Italy