Sextant (Julien Altaber), Foufou'nette PetNat


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Sextant Foufou'nette is petnat made from organic Aligoté grapes with an infusion of apricots. Julien puts a large “teabag” of apricots in with the fermenting wine and it develops undertones of the apricots without dominating the resultant sparkling wine.

It is deliciously bright, full of yellow fruits, fresh with a little roundness and very lively fizz.

The famous Belgian brewer of lambic beers, Cantillon, has a beer, infused with apricots called Fou’Foune. Julien likes this beer very much, so here is his homage to this beer.


Organic, Natural

Julien Altaber was born in Auvergne and grew up in Southern Burgundy. He discovered the World of wine by helping in a winery in Macon at age 16.

After few internships in Macon and Beaujolais, in 2002 he joined Dominique and Catherine Derain in their estate in St-Aubin. There he learned biodynamic viticulture and natural winemaking and never looked back.

Encouraged by Dominique, Julien purchased his first Pinot Noir grapes in 2007 and made his own wine, using the Derain facilities. Sextant was born.

Bit by bit, Julien was able to buy equipment and in 2010 he acquired his first parcel of vines. During the harvests that followed, the organic winegrowing community helped him to find grapes as well as suggesting alternative cuvées to make.

In 2013 Julien bought a winery and cellar in Saint Aubin, along with 2 additional vineyards in Pommard. In 2015 he planted a half hectare of vines.

A couple of years ago, Dominique Derain officially retired, leaving the reins to Julien and Carole Schwab (another long-time employee at the estate). Today Julien and Carole run both Sextant and Derain estates.


‘My goal is not to make a “Grand Vin”, but rather a “True Wine”; honest, with maximum-drinkability. After all, wine is a convivial beverage, one of friendship and celebration.’ Julien Altaber