Pet Nat or gentle bubbles, is a blend of predominantly Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc (30%). Deliciously ripe, the light fizz dances on the tongue while releasing dollops of pear, citrus and apple fruit. No So2 added. The perfect aperitif or terrace thirst-quencher.

Luc de Conti is a wonderful character and one of the finest wine-makers of his generation, he feels passionately for his wines, his 54-ha vineyard and his Bergerac region.
Luc is looking for purity and intensity in his wines, relentlessly searching to reach the maximum potential of each vintage.
Viticulture is biodynamic, the soil is nourished with seaweed and silica treatments to encourage microbial activity. Yields are low, 5 to 6 bunches per vine, manual picking and selection of ripe and healthy grapes is essential; on the top cuvées there are several ‘tries’in the vineyard, and the wine will only be released if it reaches the highest of standards. The blends will also change according to the physiological ripeness of the grapes. In recent vintages, Luc’s wines are losing in extraction and gaining in tension, balance and tend to drink younger.