Domaine Albert de Conti, Pet Nat (aka Tour des Gendres Pet Nat)

Pet Nat or gentle bubbles, is a blend of predominantly Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc (30%). Deliciously ripe, the light fizz dances on the tongue while releasing dollops of pear, citrus and apple fruit. No So2 added. The perfect aperitif or terrace thirst-quencher.

ALBERT DE CONTI, Saint-Julien d'Eymet
Certified Organic by Escort
It all began back in 1963, when Albert de Conti, whose parents emigrated from Italy in the 1920’s, bought some land with his wife Odette in the little village of St Julien d’Eymet, 20km south of Bergerac. He planted several hectares of vines, cereals and also had some cattle (polyculture was widespread in the region at the time).
In 1990, their son Francis took over and decided to merge his vineyard with that of his cousin Luc and became his partner in Château Tour des Gendres in Ribagnac. His son Guillaume joined him in 2011, followed by his second son Paulin 2013 and in 2017, Yann Lecoindre as cellarmaster.
Five years on and this trio of ‘youngsters’ have decided to breathe new life into Primode Contis home village of St Julien d’Eymet. They’ve taken over Francis’ vineyard and created Domaine Albert de Conti.
The terroir of this 30 hectare vineyard is made up of limestone-clayey and silty clayey soils. The oldest vines were planted by Albert in 1966, and the eponymous parcel (la Vigne d’Albert) is an original combination of a multitude of native grape varieties.The vines have been farmed organically

for many years now and the team hope to go even further by using certain biodynamic and agroforestry methods, in order to restore and strengthen the natural balance of the land