Valli Unite - Ottavio Rube Rosso

Ottavio Rubé Rosso’ is a delicious, smile-inducing Dolcetto and Croatina blend. It is named for Ottavio Rubé himself, one of the coop’s founders, whose twinkly-eyed, white-bearded countenance belies a deeply philosophical and idealistic character. Bright fresh fruit nose, red cherry, light-to-medium bodied. Nice grip and savoury flavours on a palate structured by refreshing acidity. A great all rounder, for Tapas/Picnic lunches through to hearty Ragus and Stews. It really delivers a lot of value for money.

Certified organic by ICEA

The co-operative was born over thirty years ago, at a time when most young people left the land to seek work in the large cities of northern Italy. It was started by three young men from local farming families who were deeply attached to their land and traditional practices, who had a belief in organic farming and biodiversity as the way of the future and were committed to a way of life and farming that would be sustainable over the long term. The coop that they started now numbers four families and 25 people, each bringing their own strengths and talents: from vinegrowing and wine-making; to cheesemaking; to animal husbandry and butchery; to a hospitality and a restaurant and shop selling their own produce.

What never cease to impress with Valli Unite wines, is the vibrancy and sense of place that each offering has not to mention sheer, joyous drinkability.