Weekend Wine Kit (6 bottles)

€82,65 €87,00

A lovely selection of low intervention wines and a bottle of one of the best Irish Craft Cider, just for the weekend!

- 1 btle Cockagee, traditional Irish Cider (75cl) - Pure and natural, tasting of fresh and baked apples. 

- 1 btle Voria Blanco, Catarratto from Sicily, fine bubbles and zesty and pineapple  character.

- 2 bottles Cuvée Marine, Domaine de Ménard - Dry, vibrant and fresh with grapefruit and citrus flavours.

- 2 bottles Marcel Malbec, Château du Cèdre - Fruity and juicy Malbec from its original home of Cahors Region.

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